Frequently Asked Questions by Employers

What is NYU Shanghai? Where is NYU Shanghai located?

A: Jointly established by New York University and East China Normal University, NYU Shanghai is the third degree-granting campus in NYU’s global network, joining NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU's campus in New York City. It is also the first Sino-US joint venture university approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China with independent legal person status. Our campus is located in 1555 Century Ave, Pudong New District.

When did NYU Shanghai begin as a university?

A: The inaugural class of 2017 moved in on August 11, 2013, and classes began in September of 2013.

What does the student body look like at NYU Shanghai?

A: NYU Shanghai admitted 300 student for the class of 2014, with half of the student body being Chinese students while the other half comes from all around the globe. The students of the inaugural class come from over 30 countries such as America, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, England, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Russia, Egypt, Morocco, Uganda, Turkish, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, New Zealand etc. Every Chinese student will be living with an international student with different culture/background in the dormitory. The enrollment scale for class of 2015 remains the same.

How much is the tuition at NYU Shanghai for Chinese students and international students?

A:  Chinese students admitted through the Gaokao are granted special financial aid and their tuition is approximately 100,000 RMB per year. In addition, merit scholarships are available for top students. As part of NYU’s global network, tuition at NYU Shanghai is consistent with tuition at NYU in New York, which is approximately 42,000 USD per year (excluding miscellaneous fees and living expenses). NYU Shanghai also makes financial aid available for international students. In addition, merit scholarships are also available for top students.

What is the admission process for NYU Shanghai?

A: Applicants are rigorously evaluated not only on the basis of national entrance examinations like the all-important Gaokao for Chinese students, but through a holistic analysis of multiple quantitative and qualitative variables. Similar to the US admission process for NYU, both Chinese and international students are required to complete and submit the Common Application, the application US universities utilize to learn things about applicants that grades and test scores cannot reveal. In addition to submitting the Common Application, all competitive US and International students for NYU Shanghai are interviewed for admission; competitive Chinese students attend a Candidates Weekend, a unique program to determine student fit with NYU Shanghai.

What kind of degree will NYU Shanghai grant?

A: Students at NYU Shanghai will receive two diplomas, as follows:

  1. New York University, founded in 1831 AND
  2. NYU Shanghai, founded in 2013.

NYU Shanghai is recognized in China as the only Chinese joint venture university involving an American partner that is authorized to grant degrees, certified by China's Ministry of Education.

What majors does NYU Shanghai offer?

A: NYU Shanghai offers an array of majors and minors/concentrations, with additional options phased in over time. Initial offerings include majors in the areas of Humanities, Global China Studies, Biology, Neural Science, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Interactive Media Arts, Business & Finance, and Economics.