First Year Programing

First Year Dialogue

All first-year students will participate in the First Year Dialogue (FYD). Developed by New Student Programs and facilitated by your orientation ambassadors, this program takes you outside of the classroom and equips you with the necessary skills to navigate the opportunities and challenges you will face during your time at this university.

FYD will cover relevant topics for first-year students as they transition into university life and the diverse cultural environment of NYU Shanghai. It is designed to improve your self-awareness, concepts of personal identity, and your relationships with others. It also helps you set expectations for your college life and reflect on how you might want to engage as an active community member during your four years at this university. Throughout this process, you will explore your own development and set clear academic and social priorities.

初来乍到 New to NYU Shanghai

It is a year-long first-year program that is tailor-designed for our new students. This program aims to provide college transition tips and advice, peer support, and foster an integrated community. The events of this program fall into the following three categories:

  • Beyond the Magnolia House:
    City explorations and resources that introduce you to life beyond the campus.
  • Make NYU Shanghai Your Community:
    Peer interactions via fun activities and chats to bring you closer to the NYU Shanghai community.
  • Qilin in the Making:
    Educational workshops and dialogues that make you a thriving "Qilin (麒麟)" of NYU Shanghai. *Qilin is the NYU Shanghai Mascot.