CCD Skill Guides

These skill guides will help you strategize and prepare for employment and further education. Right click and click "Save As" to download the PDF file and speed up loading time.

A resume is a summary of your abilities, accomplishments, and experiences. It is a persuasive document which will help convince a potential employer to request an interview. We recommend that you have a career counselor review your resume before sending it out.

A cover letter is an opportunity to fill in the blanks from your resume. Through a cover letter, you set yourself apart from other candidates by speaking to a depth of experience or interest that may not be apparent from a resume.

Although the interview process is a nerve-wracking experience for many, it is essentially a mutual exchange of information. Though employers are learning more about you during the interview, don’t forget that the interview is also a valuable opportunity to find out more about the organization.


Effective networking can often lead to a job offer, and is also a great way for you to learn more about a specific career, and connect with individuals within your field of interests. Tools such as LinkedIn can help you develop professional relationships and create a network of professional resources.


Students can explore more career related resources on Handshake Resources Library.
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Big Interview An interactive web-based interview practice tool that allows you to practice mock interviews, expert video lessons, and industry specific tips.
VMock An interactive 24/7 virtual resume review assistant for undergraduate students.
CaseCoach A one-stop platform for consulting interview preparation resources with instructional videos, sample cases and drills, and opportunities to connect with other candidates for case interview practice.
GoinGlobal A global career search platform where you can access global career search resources and more than 16 million job and internship postings in 121 countries around the world, updated daily.
Violet Network New York University's official online community driving powerful professional connections within our global network of students and alumni.
NYU Library Books, articles and resources on a wide range of topics ranging from job hunting to interview prep to vocational guidance.