On-Campus Job

Working on campus allows students to take advantage of the great resources within NYU Shanghai’s university departments and helps them to gain real work experience from the very beginning of their studies. On-campus job positions will help students explore their careers, strengthen their résumés, and develop professional skills.

Many university departments offer on-campus positions every year. Watch these videos to learn more about the student worker experience!

How to Apply

Attend the On-Campus Job Fair

The CCD hosts an On-Campus Job Fair at the beginning of every Fall semester, as it is the peak season for on-campus job hiring. The On-Campus Job Fair is usually scheduled in the first week of the new semester. Attending the On-Campus Job Fair will give you the chance to meet with staff from departments that are hiring student workers. This is a great opportunity to make a good impression and learn about the role. Many departments conduct the first round of interviews at the fair.

Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, an On-Campus Job Tabling will be hosted instead of a fair. During the tabling, students are able to go to each department's office to meet and talk with on-campus employers in person. 

The time for 2022 On-Campus Job Tabling is 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM, September 15, 2022.

Please watch the On-Campus Job Tabling Orientation Video before attending the event.

Apply On-Campus Jobs on Handshake

Most departments hire new student workers at the beginning of fall semester, since the time commitment for each position is usually one academic year. But some departments release positions on Handshake during the semester as well. Follow the Handshake Student User Guide to review the job descriptions thoroughly and apply online. To view NYU Shanghai on-campus jobs, you can click the “On-Campus” filter and type “Shanghai” in the location search bar.

Career Advice for On-Campus Jobs

The career coaches have collected various resources and career advice to help students prepare for on-campus job applications and learn basic professional skills before starting their jobs.

Please check the On-Campus Student Worker Career Resource Pack for detailed information.

What are the eligibility requirements for an on-campus job?
  • To be eligible for On-Campus Job, a student must be a full-time student at NYU Shanghai during the fall or spring term when the student is working.
  • During the summer term, a student who has registered to be a full-time student at NYU Shanghai during the subsequent fall term also is eligible for On-Campus Job.
  • A full-time student at New York University in New York or Abu Dhabi who is studying away at NYU Shanghai for a summer, semester (including J-term), or year is eligible to be a Student Worker.
When is the recruitment time for student worker positions?

Most departments hire student workers in the first week of the fall semester, while some departments hire student workers based on their needs throughout the year.

How many student worker offers can I accept?

According to the NYU Shanghai On-Campus Student Worker Guidelines one student is allowed to work up to40 hours per month. No matter how many offers a student accepts, he or she must make sure to observe this policy.

How can I document my working hours?

Student workers are encouraged to contact their supervisors to learn the detailed payment process. Most of the departments use Workday to track on-campus working hours. A student worker should document accurately the hours he or she has worked each week following the Workday Guide

. The student worker’s supervisor will then certify the accuracy of the time submitted.


How much is the salary?

The salary varies from department to department. The salary range is 25-35 RMB per hour.

How long is the student worker's commitment?

Usually, the student is supposed to work in the department for the whole academic year. If the department has special needs for the commitment time, it will be listed in the job description.

Will there be remote positions available for NYU Shanghai students who are not in Shanghai?

NYU Shanghai departments will decide whether they need remote student workers based on their own needs. Please review the job descriptions and contact the department directly for more information.