Working In China

An updated China work permit policy for foreigners went into effect on November 1, 2016. This allows for employers in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone and Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone to hire international students who graduate from a local Chinese university (NYU Shanghai's double identity qualifies for this) to be eligible for employment without two years post-graduate work experience. Individuals seeking employment outside of these two zones would still be required to have two years post-graduate work experience.

Recommendations and points of consideration from the Career Development Center:

  • Students should research these Pudong zones to understand if the industries represented meet their job search goals.
  • With any new policy, it may take employers some time to create hiring procedures and headcount to hire international staff so there is no guarantee there are immediate openings that fit our student's interests.
  • Many employers that we have spoken to have indicated openness to considering international students that have high Mandarin fluency and necessary qualifications, however all hiring decisions will be treated on an individual case by case level.
  • Students should be prepared to conduct thorough research in terms of the full scope of what working and living in China entails. This includes an understanding of the local market salary, health and social benefits provided.
  • Students should recognize these most likely are "local" employment opportunities and not an "overseas/expatriate" assignment.
  • We encourage all students to schedule a career counseling appointment so that CDC can support you with the next steps of setting realistic post-graduation options based on individual career goals.
  • NYU Shanghai is not able to influence or assist with work permits, but will provide any necessary documentations requested by the employers.

We encourage all students to schedule a career coaching appointment so that the CDC can support you with setting realistic post-graduation career goals.

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