FAQs - Working at Zhongbei

How to access facilities at ECNU Zhongbei Campus during Covid-19? (updated on January 10, 2023)

Zhongbei Campus Access (updated on January 10, 2023)

According to the latest ECNU guidelines, effective Thursday December 15th, the university will no longer require PCR tests for those who hold ECNU campus cards. The test is now optional.  You can enter campus by swiping your ECNU card at the entrance.

For non-ECNU card holders, please follow the application process for non-ECNU card holders.

    How do I find information regarding JRI space use during Covid-19?

    Please visit this page for the guideline on JRI Space Use During Covid-19. Please click here for the recommended maximum room capacity for conference rooms and classrooms at Geo Building.

    Please click here for a quick guide on requesting student desks for NYU Shanghai Faculty.

    Where is the admin office?

    The Office of Research Institutes (admin office) is located in Room 340 of the Geography Building.

    Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding IT and printing?

    Please email Geo Building operations group at:  Shanghai.Geo.Ops@nyu.edu.  You can also drop by our admin office in Room G340.

    Are there campus shuttle bus services? (last updated on January 28, 2023)

    The shuttle bus service between ECNU Zhongbei Campus and the New Bund Campus will begin running from Saturday, January 28th, 2023 with an updated schedule. 

    Please click here to access the latest schedule.

    Whom do I contact for reimbursement or procurement-related issues?

    Please contact NYU Shanghai Finance Department at  shanghai.finance.help@nyu.edu, or visit the Finance Website.

    If I have inquiries regarding library resources, whom do I contact?

    Please contact NYU Shanghai Library Service at shanghai.library@nyu.edu, or visit the Library Website.

    If I have inquiries regarding facilities, whom do I contact?

    Please contact Johnny Sun (孙晓光), NYU Shanghai Campus & Facilities at 13601919454, or email Geo Building operations group at: shanghai.geo.ops@nyu.edu.

    Where can I find a Zhongbei campus map?

    Click here (PDF version) or here (Google version) for the Zhongbei campus map.