FAQs - Working at Zhongbei

How to access facilities at ECNU Zhongbei Campus during Covid-19? (updated on March 16, 2022)

Zhongbei Campus Access starting March 16, 2022

ECNU Zhongbei campus was switched to quasi-closed management period since 1:00 pm on March 16. During the quasi-closed management period, only absolutely essential personnel (i.e. animal care related) will be granted access to the campus.  For absolutely essential personnel who need to access Zhongbei Campus, please follow the process here to apply for campus access under quasi-closed period.  

Zhongbei Campus Access under Routine Mode

NYU Shanghai personnel (including faculty, staff and students) who wish to access facilities at ECNU Zhongbei campus need to follow both NYU Shanghai guidelines, including the Community Standards and the Travel Guidance, and ECNU campus access policies. Faculty and staff are also responsible for ensuring that their teams, visitors, trainees (both regular and short term) are aware of these standards and policies, and will abide by them. Anyone who travels from other cities must provide a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test within 48 hours prior to entering campus or remain off campus until you have been in Shanghai for 14 consecutive days.

Per ECNU guidance, anyone who wishes to enter the campus must obtain prior approval in advance. Starting January 27, 2021, all community members should re-submit campus access requests with updated Shanghai health code and trip code. Individuals without prior approval will be denied access to the campus.

Please find the detailed campus access application procedures as follows:

  • If you are an NYU Shanghai employee (or student) and are an ECNU card holder, please follow the process here
  • If you are an NYU Shanghai employee (or student) and are not an ECNU card holder, please follow the process here
  • You should refrain from inviting guests for non-essential visits at the ECNU campus during this time. If you must invite non-NYU Shanghai affiliated guests (collaborators, trainees, vendors), please follow the process here

Anyone who enters campus without following the processes above, please inform Public Safety (shanghai.publicsafety@nyu.edu) immediately.

Note:  Resuming research programs on ECNU campus also requires prior approval.  If you need to restart essential research at ECNU, please visit this page for detailed application procedure and safety tips. 

    How do I find information regarding JRI space use during Covid-19?

    Please visit this page for the guideline on JRI Space Use During Covid-19. Please click here for the recommended maximum room capacity for conference rooms and classrooms at Geo Building.

    Please click here for a quick guide on requesting student desks for NYU Shanghai Faculty.

    Where is the admin office?

    The Office of Research Institutes (admin office) is located in Room G340 of the Geography Building.

    Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding IT and printing?

    Please email Geo Building operations group at:  Shanghai.Geo.Ops@nyu.edu.  You can also drop by our admin office in Room G340.

    Are there campus shuttle bus services? (last updated on March 13, 2022)

    Please note the shuttle bus services between the Zhongbei and Pudong campuses will be suspended from Monday, March 14, till further notice. 

    • Click here for our shuttle bus schedule between the Zhongbei and Pudong campuses.
      Please click here for more information on taking campus shuttle bus during Covid-19
    • Click here for shuttle bus times between Zhongbei and ECNU Minhang.

    Whom do I contact for reimbursement or procurement-related issues?

    Please contact NYU Shanghai Finance Department at  shanghai.finance.help@nyu.edu, or visit the Finance Website.

    If I have inquiries regarding library resources, whom do I contact?

    Please contact NYU Shanghai Library Service at shanghai.library@nyu.edu, or visit the Library Website.

    If I have inquiries regarding facilities, whom do I contact?

    Please contact Freddy Yang (杨峰峰), NYU Shanghai Campus & Facilities at 13918599391, or email Geo Building operations group at: shanghai.geo.ops@nyu.edu.

    Where can I find a Geography Building floor map and Zhongbei campus map?

    • Click here for the Geography Building floor map.
    • Click here (PDF version) or here (Google version) for the Zhongbei campus map.