Interning Off Campus

Freshmen Internship Policy

The university does not promote freshman participation in off-campus internships until the summer after your first academic year on campus. We strongly encourage you to gain professional skills through other means, such as on-campus jobs, community service, student leadership, research projects, and Career Development Center events. If you are a freshman student who is committed to participating in an off-campus internship during the academic year, you must first attend an Academic Advising and Career Coaching appointment. You should also notify the CDC of your internship details, including company name and hours of commitment (we advise less than 10 hours/week).

Based on the current Chinese law and regulations, since April 1, 2015, foreign students in China should meet with the following requirements BEFORE they can be enrolled in an off-campus internship. Failure to do these will be considered as Illegal Employment and will be subject to fines and other discipline from Chinese government and Exit-Entry Bureau.

1. The foreign student must be enrolled in a degree or exchange program in one of the schools which have the qualification to recruit foreign students in Shanghai.
2. The foreign student must get study residence permit from Shanghai Exit-Entry Bureau.
3. The student must get an official memo from Exit-Entry Bureau on their residence permit.
4. The student must not have more than one off campus internship at one time.
5. The off campus internship must be UNPAID (except for transportation and meal allowances) and relevant to the student’s academic major.
6. The internship should take place over a period of 6 months or less. If students hold an internship for more than 6 months, please re-register every 6 months.

Internship Registration Packet for Students (PDF)