Posting a Minor

NYU Shanghai students may pursue four different types of minors, including NYU Shanghai Minors, Global Network Minors, NYU Cross-school Minors, or Portal Campus Minors (aka. NYU Abu Dhabi Minors). Students may pursue more than one minor.

Minor Requirements

  • A grade of C or better is required for a course to be counted toward a minor
  • At least 12 credits of the minor must be unique to the minor. This means that the 12 credits are not being used to fulfill another, core curriculummajor or minor requirement.

Posting a Minor

  • Students who have already completed all required courses for a minor, can request for the minor to be posted on their transcript.

Processing Times

Minor applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The approval, review, and posting process for a minor usually takes about one month.

Minor FAQs

When I can request to post my minor?

Students who have already completed all required courses for a minor, can request for the minor to be posted on their transcript.

Seniors who are currently enrolled in the minor’s required courses in their final semester may also submit a request to post the minor prior to completion of the courses.

Will minors be posted on my diploma?

No, minors will only be recorded on transcripts.

Why should I pursue a Global Network University Minor?

Global Network University (GNU) Minors enable capable and highly motivated students to pursue a plan of study that brings together courses from more than one NYU department or program taught at study away locations.

How many minors are students allowed to pursue?

Students are allowed to pursue as many minors as they are able to fit into their semester or credits limits.

Note: Although minors can help you explore interests, build skill sets, or find a potential career direction, taking on multiple minors can mean sacrificing hands-on opportunities such as research or internships. If you are deciding between taking on an additional minor or taking on other opportunities, you may wish to meet with a Career Counselor to determine what would best fit your long term goals.

How can I get an unlisted course to count towards a Global Network University Minor?

After checking the Global Courses Spreadsheet, if you believe an unlisted course should count towards a GNU minor, you may submit a course evaluation.

The course evaluation process may take one to two weeks. You will receive an email notification about the result from your academic advisor.

What are the requirements and procedure for graduating seniors to submit a minor post request?

Graduating seniors may submit the minor post request in their final semester if they are enrolled in the final course(s) for their minor. Students will receive an email from the advising team about minor posting submissions and deadlines. Please speak with your assigned academic advisor if you have any questions. 

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