Academic Support Program

The Academic Support Program (ASP) is a semester-long program where academic advisors provide support for students to be successful in their academic journey. Students meet with academic advisors on a regular basis and we strive to help students realize their potential - at the University and beyond. 

Program Requirements

During the program, the advisor will work with students to tailor a program to identify their academic strengths and interests and connect them with resources that will enable the student to successfully achieve goals at NYU Shanghai. Participating in the academic support program, students are expected to 1) check emails & attend meetings promptly; 2) prepare for meetings; 3) communicate with and make use of support services and staff; 4) set and make progress toward goals.

Academic Resources

  1. Academic Resource Center Programs & Workshops: (Writing and Speaking Consultation; Course Specific Tutoring; Academic Skills Coaching)
  2. LASSI Survey: Learning and Study Strategies Inventory Survey 
  3. Academic Support Program Worksheets: (From Strategic Goal Setting to SMART Action Plan)
  4. Asynchronous ARC workshops (Advanced Note-Taking; Tips for Better Writing; Class Presentations; Adapting to Online Classes; Advanced Academic Reading; Advanced Time Management; Stress Management; Exam Preparation)
  5. Successful Study Habits for Remote Learning

Health & Wellness Resources  

  1. Wellness Workshop: Overcoming Test Anxiety (recording); Mid-Week Mindfulness Group
  2. Stress Management: Go-To Stress Guide; 1/5/10 minute De-stress Activities;
  3. Virtual Yoga and Meditation: MindfulNYU (based in New York) offers daily free virtual yoga and meditation sessions every day, open to all global NYU students.
  4. Sleep Tips: Sleep Tips from Research Assistant Professor of Psychology, Daniel Jin Blum
Academic Support Program FAQs
How often do I need to meet with my academic advisor for the ASP program?

You and your academic advisor will decide the meeting frequency. We suggest that you meet at least twice per month. 

What are the program goals?

Our goal is to retain you as a student at NYU Shanghai, help you cultivate healthy and sustainable habits for your long-term success here and beyond, identify and celebrate your strengths, and help you overcome any challenges along the way.


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