Where to Study?

Academic Pathways

NYU Shanghai students must take a full load of courses (at least 12 and no more than 18 credits) in each semester of study away. Students apply to study away at one of the 11 global sites, 2 degree-granting campuses, or within the NYU International Exchange Program. Some locations require a language course in the local language during the study away semester, but no prior language proficiency is required. With careful planning and site selection, NYU Shanghai students can take up to two courses per semester toward their major requirements while studying away. Students work closely with their advisers to select courses that fulfill their degree requirements.

Global Sites

NYU Shanghai students choose from NYU’s global network of 11 global academic centers on five continents and 2 degree-granting campuses in New York City and Abu Dhabi for their study away semesters. Each of these locations offer courses in local languages, history, and cultures; academic lectures by distinguished faculty and local community leaders; opportunities for experiential learning; and co-curricular activities to explore the region, meet local students and residents, and use new language skills.

To help you better plan for which study away site you want to go to, Shanghai Advising has developed two helpful tools. You can download the two documents from below:

FileStudy Away Decision Matrix Tool.docxFileChecklist of Study Away Considerations.docx

International Exchange Programs (IEPs)

In addition to the academic centers abroad, NYU students have the opportunity to be considered to study away from New York at one of the University’s partner institutions by participating in a student exchange. The International Exchange Program enables select NYU students to study at a variety of institutions – all distinguished research universities – while earning NYU credit and being immersed in the culture of some of the world's most exciting cities.Many universities offer coursework in English and others require advanced knowledge of a foreign language.

Students who are approved to enroll in the NYU exchange pay NYU tuition which allows you to maintain your financial aid package, including grants and scholarships (unique partner fees may be required). For more information on the IEPs please contact Shanghai Global Affairs at shanghai.globalaffairs@nyu.edu.