Independent Study

Independent Study is an opportunity for students to work closely with a faculty advisor on a project related to their area of study. Students must propose an original topic that is not covered in NYUSH coursework and choose a member of the faculty in their area of study. It is advisable that students choose a professor with whom they have already taken a course(s).


Juniors and seniors are eligible to apply for independent study. 


Fall semester: May 1st 
Spring semester: December 1st 

Processing Times

Independent study requests should be fully submitted and reviewed by the end of the currently enrolled semester. The applications will be reviewed after the deadline and students will be notified in 1-3 weeks.

Request Independent Study

  1. Consult the major website for independent study course prerequisites and instruction.
  2. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your interest in pursuing the independent study option.
  3. Work with a faculty mentor to approve and supervise the independent study proposal, including syllabus, grading system, and the number of credits.
  4. Submit the Independent Study Form before May 1st/ December 1st. (Students are expected to communicate with faculty about the deadline. Independent study requests should be fully submitted and reviewed by the end of the currently enrolled semester.)
  5. Advisor will help you with enrolling in the major independent study course on Albert.

Independent Study Guideline



Independent Study courses may be taken for 2 (5-6 hours a week workload) or 4 credits (10-12 hours a week workload), depending on the nature of the particular project and on the assessment of the faculty adviser.

Course Syllabi and Grading


The faculty adviser and the student will together determine the course content and graded assignments of the Independent Study.

Course Meeting Time


It is imperative that students meet on a regular basis(e.g. Weekly on Monday 4 - 5 pm) with their faculty advisor throughout the semester in which they are doing the Independent Study.

Purpose of the Course


Independent Study units can be applied towards the major and can fulfill one of the student's elective requirements, provided that the student earns a minimum final grade of C.


Independent Study FAQs
Can independent study be taken online?

There is no in-person requirement for an Independent Study. As long as the student is enrolled in 12 credits in person at their study away location, they can take an Independent Study remotely.

Can I take an independent study that is not counted towards my major?

Students may take an independent study that is not counted towards their major; however, an exception requires a petition through the advisor, with approval from the Area Head and the Dean.

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