Degree Progress Report & Audit

An important part of planning your courses each term is reviewing the coursework and requirements you’ve already completed in order to assess the progress you’ve made towards completing your degree.

NYU Shanghai Degree Requirements

In order to meet your graduation requirement, you must successfully complete all requirements listed below:

NYU Shanghai Degree Requirements
1. A total of 128 earned credits
2. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (GPA Calculator
3. Complete all core curriculum required courses and have a grade of D or above
4. Complete all major required courses and have a grade of C or above
5. Complete at least one-semester study away requirement
6. Complete at least one thesis paper for your primary and/or secondary major

Degree Progress Report

Students can review their  Degree Progress Report (DPR) on Albert. The degree progress report will show your progress in the graduation requirement completion. If you take one course more than once, you may refer to the course repeat policy.

If there is an error on your degree progress report, please email your advisor the completed four-year plan and indicate the correction on the Degree Progress Report correction tab. 

Course Counting Rules: 

  • Core curriculum & Major: Core Curriculum and major requirements can be unlimitly double-counted. 

  • Double major: Double major can double-counted a maximum of two courses 

  • Minor: At least 12 credits must be uniquely counted toward the minor.

  • One course can not be used for more than two purposes and it can ONLY be used once within the core curriculum and major requirements. 

Transcript & Diploma 

Transcript: An official transcript contains your entire academic record from your time at New York University (Instruction on requesting a transcript). Your major GPA and academic action will not be included on your transcript. 

Attempted credits: Attempted credits include all courses in which you have a passing grade (A, B, C, D) and Incomplete, Fail, and Withdrawal.

Earned credits: Earned credits include all courses in which a passing grade was received (A, B, C, D).

Diploma: Your diploma will ONLY include your primary major information. Your secondary major and minor information will be included in your transcript. See a sample of the graduation certificate, & NYU Shanghai, and NYU diploma.

Degree Progress Report & Audit FAQs