Advice from My Mentor

Yun Zhou
Partner, Zhonglun Law Firm
Gina Joerger
Business and Finance

On Bringing Goodness into the World

I, too, was interested in politics when I was your age. However, my moral compass brought me to the Law. I wanted to do good things. When you’re choosing your career path, you have to consider - is what you're stepping into going to bring goodness to the world? What will you do if your dream job requires you to do things that go against your beliefs?

On Learning to Deal with Ambiguity

As I became older, I realized that many things in this world cannot be explained. I was a very hard worker when I was young, and though this helped me become successful, it exhausted me physically. One of the main things I learned was the necessity of making your health a priority. For example, going to sleep before 11 will not cause the world to come crashing down...changing your diet, resting and doing what you enjoy - these are all ways to live wholeheartedly. It’s normal at your age to have big dreams and many conflicting impulses...with age, you will learn to listen to your true self, and realize what you are meant to do.

On Maintaining a Professional Network

Find a reason to stay in contact! Find any reason to reach out and talk, and maintain your relationships. You never know when you'll need them in the future, or what for. Maybe there was a reason you met someone, but their role isn't clear until a few years later. Be there for other people, and they'll be there for you.