How to Apply?

Applying for Study Away

NYU Shanghai students will work closely with the Shanghai Global Affairs Office with support from their academic advisor to go through the study away application process. Students who apply to one of the 11 global sites or 2 degree granting campuses will complete the study away application in the Albert Student Center. Students who apply to one of NYU’s International Exchange Programs (IEP) will go through a separate application process. Approval for study away is based on the student’s academic record and the student’s application essay.

Application Process

NYU Shanghai students begin the study away process early in the fall of their sophomore year by attending study away information session, researching the sites on the NYU Office of Global Programs website, and discussing their plans with their academic advisors.  Students planning to study away should discuss their site selections with a student mobility advisor in the Office of Student Life. Contact for more information. Students who do not already have a passport should apply for one early in the fall of their sophomore year. 

NYU Global Locations

Students should complete the application online through their student center in Albert. For more information about the application process students should refer to the Office of Global Programs website. If you have problems while submitting the application, contact

International Exchange Programs (IEPs)

Students who are interested in applying to one of NYU’s International Partner Universities should complete the International Exchange Program (IEP) application steps on the Office of Global Programs website. Please make sure you also meet the application requirements for your IEP of choice. All applications materials required by the IEP program must be submitted in hard copy to the Office of Global Programs at 25 West 4th Street, 1st floor, New York, New York 10003, by the designated date.

Course Intent

Once students have been accepted into study away sites and courses have been posted in Albert, students will be asked for specific courses in which they wish to enroll through a Course Intent Form. Students will complete this form prior to meeting with their academic advisors to discuss their proposed course schedules for the following semester.

Registration Information

Once students have submitted the course intent and been cleared for registration at their global site, students will work with their advisors and the Office of Global Affairs to register for courses in Albert on or after their appointment date and time. Students will receive permission codes by email from their advisors for some courses at the global sites which require prerequisite courses prior to their registration date and time.


Study Away Costs & Financial Aid

NYU Shanghai students pay the same tuition when studying away as they do at NYU Shanghai. NYU Shanghai Chinese students are billed in CNY and International students are billed in  USD. The tuition rates are found on the Bursar’s website. Housing, meal plans, living expenses, and transportation costs vary among the sites. Students should consider the relative costs of different locations when making their study away plans. View the study away cost comparison here

NYU Shanghai students receive the same financial aid packages when they study away as they do when they are in Shanghai. Questions about financial aid for international students should be directed to


New Funding Opportunities


NYU Shanghai DC Leadership Scholarship

The Global Leadership Scholars program at NYU Washington, DC, has received generous gifts from donors to provide financial aid to eligible students from all NYU degree-granting campuses. These new donor awards provide substantial financial support of up to $9,500 per semester, which is in addition to a student’s current financial aid package. Only students who enroll in the Leadership Scholars Program are eligible for this additional financial aid for their study away semester at NYU Washington, DC.

All students admitted to the Leadership Scholars Program are automatically reviewed for this additional support. The first award of up to $7,500 will appear in the student's account and can take the form of a larger grant and may create a reduction in the amount of loans borrowed for the term.  

The second award of at least $1000 and up to $2,000 is issued as a check in USD to assist with living expenses for students who are admitted and enroll in the program, provided that the total aid awarded does not exceed the full cost of attendance. This award is called the Leadership Initiative Award for NYU New York and Abu Dhabi students or the Chancellor's Leadership Award for NYU Shanghai students.


Innovation Scholar, Skirball Department of Hebrew & Judaic Studies

Students with interest in Jewish history and culture, Israel, or the Middle East who are looking for ways to combine their interest with preparation for careers in high tech, the business world, or international affairs are invited to apply for NYU's Innovation Scholarship. Must work with Shanghai  advising to confirm intent to declare a Hebrew & Judaic Studies minor.  $5000 Scholarship towards semester  at NYU Tel Aviv. For more info:

AllTheRooms Scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship to students enrolled in or have interest in a study abroad program. The scholarship will be awarded by winning essay submission. Please note that the scholarship is only eligible to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Please find additional information, and follow the procedures on the scholarship site in the link below.
Gilman Scholarship 
The Gilman Scholarship Program offers funding for students who have been traditionally underrepresented in study away. To be eligible students must be U.S. citizens and recipients of the Pell Grant. For more information about the Gilman program and eligibility requirements review the IIE Benjamin Gilman Scholarship website.

Visas & Global Mobility

The NYU Shanghai student mobility team will work closely with the Office of Global Services (OGS) to ensure a high quality immigration service is provided to NYU Shanghai students. The mobility team recommends that NYU Shanghai students planning to study away discuss their site selections with a student mobility adviser to understand the visa restrictions and special requirement before they actually make the decision. For more information about immigration, please visit the Student Mobility page on the student portal here. Contact to make an appointment or for any mobility inquiries. Below are some required To-Dos during your sophomore year.

Required To-Dos

By the end of the fall semester, sophomore year:

  1. Renew/Obtain your passport!
  2. Use "Globalcheck plus" on NYU home - a self-service immigration tool to understand the immigration requirement for your site selections
  3. Discuss your site selections with a student mobility adviser

In the spring of sophomore year:

  1. Review the introductory email from the NYU Shanghai student mobility and the Office of Global Services (OGS)
  2. Submit your passport information to OGS and NYU Shanghai student mobility to get your immigration package produced
  3. Pick up your immigration package and start your visa application.


Health & Wellness

Pre-Departure Preparation

Students are recommended to speak to the Health and Wellness team if they have any concerns or questions about managing a health related issue when they are studying abroad. These concerns can be related to finding the best medical referral at the Study Away site for managing a health condition or understanding the medical capability of a particular site. NYU has very large resources and expert advice. Please contact or visit the Health and Wellness suite, room 605 for assistance.

More information will be given out at the Pre-Departure Orientation sessions and from the site once a student is accepted into a study away program.

Health and Wellness Services at Study Away sites

Each Study Away site has comprehensive information regarding accessing healthcare services and one onsite mental health counselor to support students during their study abroad experience. Your site will give you this information during orientation.

For 24/7 Crisis support. Please call Wellness Exchange: +1-212-443-9999 for worldwide assistance. Your Study Away site will also provide you with a local telephone number to reach Wellness Exchange during orientation.


Preparing to Live in Different Cities

World Trade Resource

World Trade Resource is a tool that provides accessible information about developing cultural competencies and best practices for communicating, living, or working in another country or city, including New York.  Additionally, it includes health and travel guides, as well as culture and city guides for the most popular destinations. The cultural self-assessment feature provides you with tailored information on how to succeed in a new host country.

To start exploring World Trade Resource, please visit here.

Student Experience

To catch a glimpse of life at NYU around the world, check out the global bloggers at This is NYU.