Information for Admitted Study Away Students


Shanghai is one of the most accessible cities in the world thanks to its extensive transportation network. For more information on how to get to the NYU Shanghai campus and information about move-in day, please visit this page.


All study away students are required to participate in an on-site orientation program held by the NYU Shanghai Office of Student Life. This orientation program will not only prepare students for the transition to NYU Shanghai’s academic environment, but also for the transition to a new living environment through fun events, games, and tours with your new fellow students. For more information, please visit this page.


The NYU Shanghai campus is located in the Pudong district of downtown Shanghai. Fifteen stories tall, with two additional levels underground, the academic building contains 55,000 square meters (550,000 square feet) which houses an expansive library, with an extensive physical and electronic collection with access to NYU’s global library resources; a 300-seat auditorium; a 150-person colloquium space; a theater, music, and arts hall; and kitchen and dining facilities.

Getting Settled in Shanghai

Moving to a foreign country to study can be busy and stressful, especially when that place is half a world away from home for some of you. Luckily, the NYU Shanghai Office of Student Life has compiled a getting settled guide to help you better adjust to your new life in Shanghai. Should you have any campus life concerns that are not answered in the guide, please feel free to contact us at