Fall 2020 Options for Undergraduate Students

We look forward to seeing you back on campus in the coming weeks. This page contains information that will help you prepare for a new semester in Shanghai。

Key Dates

Class of 2024 Move in Day: September 8, 2020

Class of 2024 Orientation: Online and in person, September 9-11, 2020

Move in Day for Upperclass students: September 10, 2020

First Day of Class: September 14, 2020

Testing for COVID-19

The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission requires all students entering Shanghai from another province or region in China who have spent less than 14 days in the city to be tested for COVID-19 infection before they can arrive on campus. This means that:

  • If you are entering Shanghai from another province or region and cannot arrive 14 days before coming to campus, or if your entry to Shanghai is later than August 28th, proof of a negative COVID-19 Nucleic Acid test is required. The test must show a negative result within 5 days of your scheduled orientation date.
  • If you are in Shanghai but will be leaving Shanghai and returning less than 14 days before your orientation session or first arrival on campus, proof of a negative COVID-19 Nucleic Acid test is required. The test must show a negative result within 5 days of your scheduled orientation date.
  • If you have been in Shanghai for at least 14 days before accessing campus or attending your orientation session, a COVID-19 nucleic acid test will not be required.
  • Tests may be done outside of Shanghai at approved locations listed on your province's 卫生健康居委会 (community health centers) website or in Shanghai at these approved locations.



International Travel and Arrival in Shanghai from Abroad

The Chinese border has been closed with few exceptions to most foreign travelers since March 28. As of August 3, South Korean passport holders may apply for entry under the normal process when entering from Korea. All other students who wish to enter China on a student visa must be sponsored by an institution applying for a special letter of invitation (LOI). NYU Shanghai is obtaining such letters.

Once an LOI is obtained, non-Chinese students wishing to return to Shanghai for the fall 2020 semester must obtain a one-time special-entry visa from the Chinese embassy or consulate in their home country or region. The process and timeline for obtaining visas will be different depending on your country and region. Click here for more information about visa, flight, arrival, and quarantine processes.  

Upperclass International Students

It is unlikely that international upperclassmen who are not Korean citizens will be able to enter and complete quarantine in time for the beginning of classes. Upperclass students may be able to enter the country and complete quarantine at some point during the fall 2020 semester, but are unable to provide a precise date.

Options for returning students not scheduled to study away during Fall 2020:

  • Return to Shanghai during the fall semester. If you choose this option, please contact the Office of Student Mobility to affirm your interest in returning to Shanghai as soon as possible. If you pursue this option, please register primarily for courses offered in Shanghai and take them remotely for now. This way, you will not need to adjust your schedule when you return to Shanghai.
  • Remain abroad and take NYU Shanghai classes remotely for the entire semester. Classes in Shanghai will combine asynchronous and synchronous instruction, and all students will receive tailored academic support. You can register in any open class in the New York University network as long as you meet the prerequisites.
  • Live and study at an NYU “Go Local” site for the fall semester. This option is only available to students who can live in the relevant country or region without a student visa. You must also have submitted a request to the Office of Global Programs on or before July 20. Studying at an alternate Go Local site will not count as a “Study Away” semester, but you may not return to China to study for the Fall 2020 semester. Keep in mind that you may still need to take some courses remotely, as most Go Local locations only be offering a limited number of in-person courses.
  • If none of these options work for you, a Leave of Absence (“LoA”) is still available. A Leave of Absence will delay graduation, and you should speak with your academic advisor before requesting one.