Commencement 2018 Speeches

May 25 2018
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On May 23, NYU Shanghai's 265 students in the Class of 2018 graduated in a ceremony at the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center. Watch all the Commencement speeches here:


"You dreamed the impossible dream, a special kind of China dream, and in ways particular to each and every one of you, you made that dream come true. We, and your families and friends, are really proud of you."

- Provost Joanna Waley Cohen


"In some ways, it is human nature to focus on boundaries. But NYU Shanghai proves what remarkable results can be achieved when boundaries are broken down – and in particular, when the US and China join together as partners and friends."

- NYU President Andrew Hamilton


“We graduate at a time in history when the world, our world, is dealing with enormous challenges; but also at a time when the opportunity created by those challenges has never been greater. I have no doubt that NYU Shanghai will act as a launch pad for us to pursue our passion for different issues - be it social causes, virtual reality, entrepreneurship, the frontiers of the sciences or otherwise.”

- Student Speaker Itmum Momin



"I thought I would come out of my four years in college knowing exactly what I want to do in life, but here I am standing at the commencement ceremony, realizing that it was a process of deduction not induction. As we navigate in this turbulent world, we will inevitably be disoriented, lost, frustrated, and anxious, but we are also equipped with an open mind, an intellectual cerebrum, and a major called “the world” to take on."

- Student Speaker Katie Chen


"May you continue to travel frequently beyond the places that are comfortable and familiar, so that your appreciation for the miraculous diversity of life grows ever stronger. And may your steps lead you often back to Shanghai. Back to Pudong. For you will always be members of the NYU Shanghai family. And we will always be happy to welcome you home."

- Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman


"I hope your journey of life will be full of discoveries. Keep in mind: you need to lose sight of the shore in order to discover new oceans."

- Chancellor Yu Lizhong

“If you have a vision of yourself as the kind of man or woman you aspire to be, that alone will carry you far.  Think less about finding the ideal job, and more about making yourself the ideal person.  When that is your outlook, opportunity, I promise, has a way of finding you.”

- Graduation Speaker Xu Xiaoping



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