CBER Video Series: Sharing Inspiration and Preserving Insight

CBER video
Feb 15 2019

The Center for Business Education and Research (CBER) at NYU Shanghai this spring released its latest in a series of videos highlighting its faculty and their research.  

This spring’s videos featured Professor Rodrigo Zeidan, Assistant Professor of Operations Management Renyu Zhang, Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Brain Hanssen, and Adjunct Professor of Management Lan Ma, and tackled topics ranging from Generation Z workplace challenges to sustainable change to the science of intelligent decisions.     

Launched in Spring 2018, the video series began when CBER set out to create internal video profiles of each of their faculty, but soon evolved to become an additional platform for faculty members to communicate their ideas, by feeding them back into the ecosystem around NYU Shanghai, especially the students.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures,” said Yuxin Chen, Dean of Business at NYU Shanghai and Director of CBER, “The video series effectively communicates our faculty’s exciting education and research activities and helps to make this university an incubator for future leaders and a think tank for social transformation.”

“I am very enthusiastic about everything related to operations research and analytics, and it’s what I talk about every day. The video project of CBER helps me achieve my goal to share my research with more people." said Professor Renyu Zhang.

With positive feedback from the professors who participated in the videos as well as the viewers, CBER is planning to continue with the project, producing new videos every semester to come with new genre and form of expression incorporated.