Susan Xu, '19 – Neuroscience

I’m from Hangzhou. My Chinese name– Xinyi – means ‘peaceful heart,’ but more than that I have a curiosity for science and a passion for art inspired by the natural world. I work in different mediums, including photography and graphic design, and I find the best experience is when both science and art unexpectedly come together. The Foundations of Science (FoS) track here at NYU Shanghai has provided me with fascinating lab experiences that inform my studies and creative works, like a time-lapse video of electrophoresis I recorded and edited in a biology lab. I find that NYU Shanghai is a supportive environment, encouraging cross-disciplinary exposure in the arts as well as the sciences. While many other people’s idea of “science” remains profound abstraction, I want to use the lens of my camera to uncover science’s intricate truths and inspire others to look at the world of science a little differently.