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May 11 2018
Written by NYU Shanghai

This week on campus: end of the year showcases, sporting success, and counting down the days till graduation.... here are some of the photos you have been tagging us in this week.


No NYU Shanghai student experience is complete without a photo on the iconic Bund waterfront:

Heckyeshegyes T-16 days till graduation #Shanghai


Madstov 17 days to go and we’re still somehow alive!


Agaylord2 我爱上海


The last week of classes is a time to look back...​


Sinjenpatel Some pics from the last few years. It honestly flew by. 


Madison.pelletier Already missing Monday night @crimejunkiepodcast sessions in the coziest dorm in Shanghai 


...and forward:


Lizzy.leclaire Excited to share that while I'll be pursuing my master's in social work starting this fall, I'll also be working with College Community Career to help low income high school students get the support and resources they need to succeed in college and beyond! SO happy for this opportunity 


This week we also celebrated the Women’s Soccer Team winning the Shanghai Intercollegiate League Championship!


Amydecillis finally #1



Telesthesia_1015 We are the champions and you gonna hear us roar #nyushanghai#girlsoccer #champions #intercollegiate

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... and watched students from the performing arts and interactive media arts programs take to the stage at The Power Station of Art on Sunday to present their end-of semester show in front of a packed audience:




Sunny_piuuu The greatest show to end my four-year undergraduate life. I will treasure the memories of encountering those beautiful young bodies and artistic souls. “We are not professional, but we are dancers.” #nyushanghai #powerstationofart #performance #jazz #contemparydance #minoritydance #ballet


Lizzy.leclaire Our introductory dance class somehow managed to pull off a show and ive never been so happy/tired


Gabdalinka Spectacular ending of the semester with dance  

Watch the video


Ziqilin One of my favourite classes this semester is Introduction to Studio Art, where we learned both traditional and contemporary Chinese art techniques such as 书法 calligraphy, 工笔 Gongbi and 水墨 Shuimo. Prior to this class, I didn’t have much studio art experience so I took it to challenge myself. Have to say I’m quite proud of my progress! All credits go to my two kind and dedicated professors, Barbara and JJ, who are both very accomplished artists themselves. Also grateful for my talented classmates from diverse backgrounds who inspired me throughout the semester! 


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