Qihang Study Room Unveiled

May 26 2017
Written by NYU Shanghai

On May 26, The NYU Shanghai community unveiled the new “Qihang Study Room,” located in the Library on the 4th floor of the main academic building. The room is  dedicated to the graduating class of 2017 by many of their parents. Around 20 parents attended the reception organized by the NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation in recognition of their sustained contributions and support of the University.

Last March, Zhang Qiling, parent of Zheng Tianyi ‘18 and founder of the NYU Shanghai Parents Union, launched a fundraising campaign as part of a long-term initiative known as the  Parents Supporting NYU Shanghai Development. By the end of March, the campaign had already attracted donations from 212 parents.   



“It is our responsibility to support NYU Shanghai in any way we can,” Zhang said. “We are hoping to become a special force to help advance the development of this unique university and foster the growth of those young people who choose to study here.”

According to Wei Xin, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, Asia, funds raised by parents supporting NYU Shanghai provide additional scholarships and research support. Working with the Foundation, the parents chose to rename the study room “Qihang” as an allusion to setting sail and embarking on new journeys.



“We wanted to honor our NYU Shanghai parents, who have been significant members of our community,” said Wei. "We are very grateful that so many of them who  volunteered to support the development of our school. The Qihang Study Room reflects their best wishes to all NYU Shanghai students,  hoping to light their way as they sail onward into their futures."