NYU Shanghai #SpringFling

Apr 14 2014

With midterms looming, the NYU Shanghai Student Government decided to spread some spring fever throughout the freshman class, by instituting #SpringFling. The Student Life and Residence Committee, along with the Clubs Committee, delivered multi-colored daisies with spring fling assignments –fellow students from any academic program-- written on gift tags, to each students' dorm room prior to the start of #SpringFling.

Once each student received his or her assignment, they had two days to track down their spring fling and complete three missions. 87 couples completed the challenge by getting to know their spring fling, exchanging daisies, taking selfies, and posting those selfies to the class Facebook group with #NYUSHSpringFling.

These determined couples took photos with their spring fling all over campus, from the dorms to the Geography building. The students with the best selfie and post on Facebook were awarded massage coupons, just in time to combat the stress of midterms.

Written by Kylee Borger. Photo credit: Nicole Chan.