Lujiazui Buildings Get Smart with New App

Jan 26 2018
Written by NYU Shanghai

“Smart Building,” an interactive, user-friendly facility management platform developed by NYU Shanghai, was launched on January 18 and is expected to serve neighboring properties, including the Diamond Tower and the Fund Building, as part of cooperation with the Lujiazui Group.

Developed by Campus Facilities and IT Services, “Smart Building” uses a WeChat-based data processing system to connect users on mobile terminals with engineers and backstage management staff on the service end.

Under the new system, community members can report and send photos of failed equipment to an online maintenance request that immediately alerts engineers who then provide detailed repair solutions and services. Users can also rate these services on the interface, while managers oversee the smart system operations on the backend.



At the launch ceremony, NYU Shanghai Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman saluted the partnership as an example in experimenting with new approaches in classroom and campus design, university administration, worker relationships and facilities management.

“From the very beginning, the Lujiazui Group understood that NYU Shanghai’s mission is to be an experiment, boldly trying new approaches to being a university. We are delighted to share the Smart Building technology, so that the Lujiazui Group can also benefit from it,” Lehman said.

“Our Smart Building technology ensures that communication is seamless and friendly, while management is data-based and super-efficient. It treats the time and energy of our workers as precious commodities, and it enables us to recognize and celebrate our top performers,” Lehman added.



Thursday’s launch, moderated by NYU Shanghai Chancellor Yu Lizhong, was also attended by senior leadership of Lujiazui Group, including Chairman Li Jinzhao and General Manager Wang Hui.

Wang Yihua, associate general manager of Lujiazui Logistics, said joint efforts to launch “Smart Building” will stimulate deeper cooperation in technology and management between NYU Shanghai and the Lujiazui Group.

“Our collaboration should take advantage of the Lujiazui Group’s experience and management expertise as an industry leader, and also tap into the intellectual and technological resources of NYU Shanghai.”