A Thoughtful Invention: NYU Shanghai Student Creates Versatile Computer Mouse

Dec 12 2014

Jack Du, an NYU Shanghai student, was inspired during the Assistive Technology Maker Design Challenge at NYU Shanghai’s BarCamp—a young man with muscular dystrophy wanted to play video games with his brother but could only move his index finger.

Using the accessibility scanning features on a standard laptop, Du and his group challenged themselves to reinvent the traditional computer mouse to expand its accessibility to disabled users.

Du continued project JOY Mouse on his own, winning DFRobot’s second-place prize for Best Hardware Hack. In addition to building a website for JOY Mouse, he brought his invention to CereCare, an organization that works with children suffering from cerebral palsy. JOY Mouse became a hit with teachers who were grateful and excited to see their students using computers.

Along with Professor Marianne Petit, Du will return to CereCare in February with modified versions of JOY Mouse, along with accompanying on-screen keyboards and software.

Written by Charlotte San Juan