Genetically-Modified Organism Investigation

May 14 2015

On May 13th of 2015, students from Professor Wenshu Li’s Foundation of Science (FoS) Biology Lab presented their final project by poster exhibition, “Genetically-Modified Organism (GMO) Identification” on NYU Shanghai second floor café. The students explained some interesting findings to the audience.

GMOs are organisms that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA sequences using genetic engineering techniques. GMOs used in agriculture significantly increase production or make plants good-looking but may bring potential risk.

Using biological methods practiced this semester, students investigated that whether the food they eat in daily is GMO or not. Each group choose their own samples which include not only vegetables but also fruits such as tomatoes, corns, chips, strawberry, banana and papayas. The detection techniques in GMO identification project covers DNA extraction, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and gel electrophoresis. According to the experiment results, some groups prove that the food closely around us, such as tomatoes, potatoes and papayas are genetically-modified, but most of the food samples chosen are not.

FoS sophomore students have approached this opportunity to apply the knowledge and techniques learned in the molecular lab to their daily life, and make use of science for life.


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Written by Jin Lin and Wenshu Li
Photo by Daniel Cuesta and Wenshu Li