Campus Library Named in Honor of Longtime Supporters

unveiling at the library banner
Apr 11 2024

NYU Shanghai’s New Bund Campus library, now the Fang and Tang Library, was named in honor of supporters Edward J. Fang and Charlene Tang, an NYU alumn, in a naming ceremony on Wednesday. Fang and Tang have been long-time supporters of the university and are also parents of two NYU Shanghai alumni.

“I never thought that I would have the chance to link our names to the library of one of the world’s top universities,” said Fang at the ceremony. “New York University, especially its Shanghai campus, holds great significance for me. As an international student, I had to overcome many obstacles and be separated from my family to pursue the best higher education in the world. Today, my children can receive the best education near me, without the pain of separation. I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to express my gratitude.”

“I feel particularly moved today because I believe that I can leave a mark at my alma mater,” said Tang at the ceremony. “And, most importantly, I believe that if each of us can do something selfless within our limited lives, if we can make a small difference for the next generation, it is something that we must do.”

unveiling ceremony
From Left to right: Charlene Tang, Jeffrey Lehman, Tong Shijun, Wenhui Li (Deputy Chairman of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits), Edward J. Fang

Fang said he is proud to contribute to the university and name the library, a space that he believes is critical for all students. “As a financially constrained student, I didn’t have many activities outside of the classroom,” he recalled. “I often found myself in the vast library, exploring a treasury of wisdom that I sought in life. It was also a place where I had the opportunity to reflect on what I wanted in life, what my plans were, and what my ideals truly were.”

At the ceremony, Chancellor Tong Shijun also expressed his gratitude to Fang and Tang. “This is meaningful for our students, our teachers, and personally, for me,” he said.  “I am particularly proud because despite our small campus, our library is truly impressive.” Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman also shared his gratitude for Fang and Tang’s continued support and “the commitments that they have made to NYU Shanghai.” Over the years, Fang and Tang have supported scholarships for NYU Shanghai students and other core academic developments of the University. Additionally, they serve on the NYU President’s Global Council and Fang serves on the board of the NYU Shanghai Education Development Foundation. 

As global education advocates, Fang and Tang are invested in NYU Shanghai’s international education mission. Global education is a cause of great importance to both Fang and Tang, who have spent over two decades working in the field of bilingual and international education and are the co-founders of Living Word Education, a bilingual school with campuses in Shanghai and Suzhou.