NYU Wireless

NYU Shanghai provides access to multiple secure wireless networks (NYURoam, Guest wireless and eduroam) across most NYU global sites.
NYURoam is integrated with NYU’s Virtual Private Network (VPN), which allows access to international websites, unrestricted by location.

Who is this service available to?

NYU Roam: NYU community
Guest wireless: NYU Shanghai guests
eduroam: NYU community, visitors from partner universities

Where can you use this service?

Pudong Academic Building, Jinqiao residence halls, ECNU campus (geography building, science building)

How can users access this service?

Follow the configuration instructions below for each wireless network:
‘nyu’ (NYU Community only): Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux OS (Ubuntu), iOS device, Android, BlackBerry

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