NYU Wireless

IT Wireless

Multiple wireless options in NYU Shanghai

NYURoam is our traditional wireless access point and should be used as the go-to for your wireless needs by connecting to ‘nyu’ via your device. Being integrated with NYU’s VPN, it allows for access to any website, unrestricted by any given bounds.

Guest wireless Guests of the university can enjoy this same full access by simply joining the ‘nyuguest’ network. This network allows visitors to connect without a NYUID or password, with assistance of a Shanghai sponsor. Alternatively, you can use our ‘nyushanghai-guest’ network, which allows for the same connectivity but can be accessed with a Chinese phone number or via WeChat.

EDURoam is a Global Research facilitation program which allows faculty from partner universities full connectivity with our NYU network. Using your home university’s credentials, you can log into the NYU wireless. Similarly, if there are NYU community members that wish to connect to the networks of our partner universities, they can do that with their NYU credentials. Given the broad reach of the EDURoam program, we can access global networks available with universities like ECNU and Oxford.

Configuration Instructions

  1. Windows 7
  2. Windows 10
  3. Windows Vista
  4. Windows XP
  5. Mac OS X
  6. Linux OS (Ubuntu)
  7. iOS device
  8. Android
  9. BlackBerry
  10. nyuguest 
  11. nyushanghai-guest
  12. eduroam