Lei Ban

Lei Ban
Visiting Assistant Arts Professor of Interactive Media Arts (IMA) and Artist in Residence

Ban Lei is a sound artist born in Shanghai, China. After training as a classical musician and a career in new technologies, Ban Lei directs his practice towards the manufacturing of wooden musical instruments, inspired by nature (tree, plants, wind, rhythm), with which he plays alone or in a group. For him, the instrument is part of the musician's body. This practice allows him to master all aspects of the work process – inspiration, concept, technique, manufacture, adjustment, performance, and public sharing.


Select Exhibitions & Activities

  • “Returning Birds" KorSonoR, Geneva, Switzerland, 2023, Group exhibition

  • "Üën & Lín" Schlossmediale, Werdenberg, Switzerland, 2023, Artist in Focus

  • "Tinkling" Resonating Ceramics, Nice, France, 2023, Group exhibition

  • "Returning birds" Eye’s walk digital art festival, Syros, Greece, 2023, Group exhibition

  • "Lín.I" Mosespa festival, Geneva, Switzerland, 2023, Group exhibition



  • MA, Fine Arts 

  • BA, Composing and Music Engineering
    Shanghai University

Research Interests

  • Acoustics 

  • Sound art  

  • Instrument evolution