Dennis de Bel

Dennis de Bel
Visiting Associate Arts Professor of Interactive Media Arts (IMA) and Artist in Residence

Dennis de Bel is a hands-on artistic researcher, educator and radio amateur. His practice oscillates between various configurations of collaborations focusing on collectively exploring hardware, soft- ware, wetware and various forms of waves. This is actualized through a broad spectrum of talks, devices, workshops and exchanges at for example ISEA and Transmediale. Prior to his appointment at NYU Shanghai he was an instructor at the Design Academy Eindhoven and Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam, among others. In 2017 he co-founded Varia, a physical space to actively develop collective approaches towards everyday technology informed by experiments with building physical, digital and social infrastructures of affinity. 


Select Publications

  • De Bel, D & Roscam-Abbing, R 2016, R&D: A low-end rich media publication, WORM Parallel University Press, Rotterdam.

  • De Bel, D 2020, ‘Ghosts of Shenzhen’, in Renaud, C, Bideau, F G,
    Laperrouza, M (eds), REALTIME: Making digital China, EPFL Press, Lausanne pp.110-125.



  • Master of Design, Media Design and Communication
    Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

  • Bachelor of Design, Interactive Multimedia
    Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Research Interests

  • Information and Communication Technologies

  • Globalization

  • Urban Planning

  • Design and Manufacturing

  • (e)Waste Management