Violet Spotlight: Zane


“I grew up on the East Coast and didn't know what I wanted to be growing up. I considered becoming a cartoonist, a chef, a video game designer, then a computer scientist, and now I’m in China, studying to be a computer scientist or video game designer. I’ll possibly be writing music, becoming a chef or maybe even a filmmaker, all at the same time—I just love everything. When I don't see something I want, I try to make it on my own and have my vision become a reality. I remember when I started learning computer science, I thought: ‘I'm never going to understand this,’ and to this day, there are still some things that I don't know. So, I started a club on campus called Splice with some of my friends. We wanted to help people who might not be as experienced in computer science learn that it’s not as daunting as you might think. I want to be able to facilitate an open space for people to learn and to grow without feeling judged, because I feel that the biggest obstacle to learning is feeling shame and embarrassment.”


Zane 600