Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Chairman Yin Yi Cui Leads Visiting Delegation

Mar 28 2014

The Municipal People's Congress paid a visit to NYU Shanghai on March 27, with Chairman Yin Yi Cui leading the delegation.  NYU Shanghai Chancellor Yu Lizhong shared a presentation about the University’s use of innovative educational resources to build an international learning environment. NYU Shanghai is at the forefront of China’s exploration into new student selection methods that revolve around comprehensive assessment and evaluation, combining entrance examination scores, high school proficiency test selection methods and students’ overall qualities.

Yin Yi Cui said that NYU Shanghai is a national education reform pilot project, the first international university cooperatively organized between China and the U.S  She stressed that the establishment of NYU Shanghai is a collaborative effort.  The local Shanghai community is very supportive of the new university and its explorations in the field of higher education and educational philosophy.  The success of NYU Shanghai will help other universities, including East China Normal University, in their continued innovation and education reform. The unique curriculum at NYU Shanghai will also allow international students to learn more about China and its place in the world.