NYU Shanghai Symposium on Data Science and Applications

Oct 31 2014

The Information Technology revolution has produced a data revolution—now commonly referred to as “big data”—in which massive amounts of data can be collected, stored and analyzed at relatively low cost. Internet companies such as Google, Baidu, Amazon, Facebook and Alibaba have been successfully using big data for over a decade, creating multi-billion dollar companies while fundamentally transforming the way we live and interact on a daily basis.

Big data now has the potential to also be a paradigm shift for the operation and decision making in government, healthcare, education, cities and in just about all businesses and industries. At the same time, the collection and linking of information by governments, Internet companies, data brokers and “hackers” raises numerous privacy concerns.

NYU Shanghai will host a two-day symposium on data science and applications on November 21-22. The symposium will bring together experts in big data both from industry and academics. The major session themes include “big data and smart cities,” “health and climate,” “social science and social networks,” “recommendation and forecasting systems,” “deep learning” and “finance”.

The symposium will have an exciting program with many industry and academic leaders. Some of the Keynote Speakers include Yong Li (Head of Precision Recommendation Center, Tecent), Xiaowei Shen (Head of IBM Research – China), Clay Shirky (Professor of New Media, NYU/NYU Shanghai), Claudio Silva (Professor of Computer Science and CUSP, NYU), Matthew Wang (Vice President, IBM), Huanming Yang (Chairman and Professor, Beijing Genomics Institute), and Kai Yu (Head of Baidu Institute of Deep Learning). The symposium will also have a panel on big data in finance.

Registration for the symposium is now OPEN.

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