Annual Service Awards Honor NYU Shanghai’s Dedicated Faculty and Staff

Feb 1 2024

At NYU Shanghai, the annual Service Award program acknowledges the unwavering commitment and contributions of its dedicated full-time faculty and staff. This university-wide initiative specifically honors employees reaching their five and 10 year service milestones, highlighting their significant role in the growth and development of the University

Initiated in 2019 at the Century Avenue campus, the Service Award ceremony has become a yearly tradition. This year's ceremony returned with renewed vigor at our new home on the New Bund campus. On February 2, NYU Shanghai community members were invited to join in the ceremony as a way of fostering a sense of unity and celebration.

The focal point of this year's ceremony was the recognition of 52 employees who have completed a decade of service to the University, as well as 59 employees who have reached their 5-year work anniversary by the end of 2023. The hard work and passion of these  dedicated individuals have contributed significantly to the success of the University and the greater community. 

leadership with representatives
(from left to right): Human Resources Director Guo Wei, staff awardee representative Jin Tong, Vice Chancellor Jeff Lehman, Chancellor Tong Shijun, and faculty awardee representative Dean of Business Chen Yuxin cut the cake. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Chancellor Tong Shijun thanked the award recipients and acknowledged their contributions to NYU Shanghai’s growth and development.  “At the same time when we are writing our own interesting personal stories, we are all co-authors of a book that will be read and reviewed by people of many generations to come,” he said

Vice Chancellor Jeff Lehman recognized how critical the work of these long-serving employees has been to creating a supportive environment for faculty, staff and students. “These special individuals have sustained our resilience when we have faced daunting challenges, and they have fueled our ingenuity when we have been given special opportunities,” he said.

Provost Joanna Waley-Cohen added, “Your unwavering commitment and valuable contributions have been instrumental in shaping the success and vibrancy of NYU Shanghai. We couldn't have done it without you, and here's to many more years of shared achievements and accomplishments!”

five and ten
Left: Five Year Service Award recipients Right: 10 Year Service Award recipients

Awardee representatives shared their reflections during the ceremony. “These ten years have marked NYU Shanghai as the institution where I have spent the longest period of my career,” said Dean of Business Chen Yuxin, representing the faculty awardees. “And the most rewarding experience has been witnessing our students flourish.”

Academic Resource Center Director Jin Tong, representing the staff awardees, shared her own experience over the past five years at NYU Shanghai. “Three words immediately came to my mind, encapsulating my experience at this remarkable institution: diverse, dynamic and dedicated,” she said. “It is through our collective efforts that make our university a unique place for everyone in this community to thrive.” 

Several employees, including Zou Feifei from Academic Affairs and Cindy Zheng from Human Resources were also honored with certificates to thank them for generously volunteering their time and talents for various university events and activities.