2013 Fund: Make Your Senior Class Gift

The 2013 Fund is a student-driven fundraising campaign initiated by NYU Shanghai’s inaugural graduating class of seniors to create a legacy giving program for future students.

While it is traditional for graduating students to make a class gift in support of the students that will follow them, NYU Shanghai’s inaugural class fundraiser has particular significance.

"The gift reflects on our school in a lot of ways -- on our character of generosity and gratitude, on our investment in the success of the university through helping future excellent students, and in recognizing that even as students, we each have power to help one another through these small acts of kindness,” said co-founder of the Fund, Roxanne Roman ‘17.

To determine what the driving purpose of the Fund would be, the Fund Committee conducted a survey among senior students. More than 40% percent voted for supporting need-based scholarship for incoming freshmen.



“Scholarships support access to great education and the 2013 Fund is a perfect start. Many of my friends could not have come to NYU Shanghai without scholarships,” said Inez Yuxin Tong ‘17, who co-founded the fund with Roman.

Named after the year NYU Shanghai welcomed its inaugural class of students, the 2013 Fund was officially launched on November 22, and as of May 12, has received 338 gifts from students, faculty, staff, NYU alumni and friends, with senior student participation at 62%.

The suggested contribution is US$20.13 (135 RMB), although everyone may give at a level he or she is comfortable with and still make a difference, as 100% of all donations will go to creating scholarships for the incoming freshmen class.

“As a Chinese student, the liberal education of NYU Shanghai distinguishes it from other Chinese universities,” says Tong. “I feel grateful for the small class sizes that generated cultural engagement, study away experiences that prepared us to be open-minded global citizens, and the freedom we had to explore our interests. The 2013 Fund is my first step to giving support back.”


How can I donate?

The easiest way is on the 2013 Fund website. Please contact 2013Fund@nyu.edu for enquiries. Or, donate by scanning one of the QR codes below.


When can I donate?

There is no time like the present! But, you can donate any time between now and August 31, 2017.


Who can donate?

Anyone is welcome to donate. We especially encourage the Class of 2017 and our alumni to give, but welcome contributions from all classes and supporters of NYU Shanghai.


What if I am not able to donate the full $20.13?

You can absolutely donate any amount that you’d like. The number of people who get involved is just as important as the amount of scholarship raised.


“Far more than giving scholarships for individual study,  you are making it possible for more people to make a major difference in the world,” said Professor Anjuli Pandavar, a Language Lecturer at NYU Shanghai’s English for Academic Purposes program.

Donors will be recognized for their generosity on the 2013 Honor Roll and on graduation day.

Pick up your NYU Shanghai 2013 Fund pin to wear proudly at Commencement!