Linruo Ann Zhang

Master of Science Candidate, Department of Global Affairs, SPS

Synopsis of Research in Shanghai (November 5 - November 24):

Zhang’s research focuses on how peace, economic development, and foreign policy cooperation are the interlinked components of China’s modern diplomacy.  In response to multi-polarization and economic globalization, the Chinese government advocates using cooperation to achieve peace and development, which rests on the principles of mutual advantage and win-win benefits in order to safeguard its economic interests and energy security.  In order to do this, China has had to increase its presence in the areas surrounding it.  China’s modernization and rise as a superpower depends on securing reliable access to natural resources, as China’s need for resources is becoming more crucial in today’s geopolitical competition. The $46 billion in development support of China-Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) is the largest international development-focused investment effort that China has ever attempted. This intensified Sino-Pakistani engagement could be a game-changer in Asia and the rest of the world. 

Last Name
Master of Science Candidate, Department of Global Affairs, SPS
Fellows Type
GRI Fellowship
GRI Fellows semester
Fall 2015