Li Chen

M.B.A. Candidate, Department of Management and Organizations, Stern

Synopsis of Research in Shanghai (Sept 3 - Nov 30):

As the business world grows smaller, cross-culture collaborations and negotiations have become a common topic over the years. Yet the area remains an under researched practice area. Chen’s research is an overview of the similarities and differences between American and Chinese collaboration strategies. Through last years GRI project, Chen realized the importance of effective communication in Chinese business world, especially for working professionals with limited Chinese work experience. Based on current literature and class materials, Chen would like to conduct empirical research in Shanghai to better identify the Chinese collaboration and negotiation practices. Due to the increasing amount of foreign influence, Chen would like to explore whether the tone, gestures, signals, and underlying assumptions about Chinese business interactions have become similar to the American norms and what differences persist that participants should remain respectful of.


Last Name
M.B.A. Candidate, Department of Management and Organizations, Stern
Fellows Type
GRI Fellowship
GRI Fellows semester
Fall 2018