Kaizhe Wang

PhD Candidate, Department of Physics, Graduate School of Arts & Science

Synopsis of Research in Shanghai (September 13 - December 17):

Kaizhe Wang will construct a thermal convection system to study enhanced heat transport and fluid-structure interaction in Rayleigh Benard convection. By introducing moving boundaries in Rayleigh Benard thermal convection, he hopes to find how such conditions affect the overall transport characteristics. He also looks forward to studying the interplay between a rotating "wind vane" and the large-scale circulation in thermal convection, investigating how they interact with each other. By changing the size of the vane and the strength of thermal convection, different phenomenons may appear. These experiments will be conducted in the Applied Math Lab in Shanghai. Apart from the thermal convection research, Wang will also finish writing some papers about the earlier project on open siphons and Feynman sprinklers.

Last Name
Fellows Type
GRI Fellowship
GRI Fellows semester
Fall 2021