Yuan Yuan

Yuan Yuan
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, NYU Shanghai

Yuan Yuan is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at NYU Shanghai. Prior to this appointment, she was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Virginia Commonwealth University. She received her PhD in Philosophy from Yale University in 2020. Her primary areas of research are ethics, political philosophy, and philosophy of law, with an emphasis on the interface between them. 

She is currently working on a series of papers on just war theory, which defends the core principles of the international laws of war by illustrating how political relations transform interpersonal morality in politically oriented or mediated warfare. She also has a secondary research interest in experimental philosophy, employing empirical methods to explore patterns in ordinary people’s philosophical intuitions. 

Select Publications

  • Yuan, Yuan (2021). “Public war and the requirement of legitimate authority,” Philosophical Studies. (online-first: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11098-021-01659-4
  • Yuan Yuan and Minsun Kim (2021). “Cross-Cultural Convergence of Knowledge Attribution in East Asia and the US,” Review of Philosophy and Psychology. (online-first: https://doi.org/10.1007/s13164-021-00523-y
  • Yuan Yuan and Minsun Kim (2015). “No Cross-Cultural Differences in the Gettier Car Case Intuition: A Replication Study of Weinberg et al. 2001,” Episteme 12(3): 355-361


  • PhD, Philosophy
    Yale University

Research Interests

  • Just War Theory
  • Global Justice
  • Political Authority
  • Experimental Philosophy