Wu-Wei Chen

Wu-Wei Chen
Assistant Arts Professor of IMA

Chen Wu-Wei, PhD (Communication University of China), 2011, is an Assistant Arts Professor of Interactive Media Arts and an affiliated faculty member with the Center for Global Asia in the School of Arts and Science, NYU Shanghai. He is the author of Body As Echoes: Cyber Archiving of Dazu Rock Carvings, co-author of Digital Cultural Heritage (ISBN: 978-3030151980. Springer, 2018), articles related to smart heritage, and an editorial board member of Computer System Networking and Telecommunications (2018). Prof. Chen previously worked on the digital documentation of selected caves and niches in the Dazu Rock Carvings. Currently, he focuses on the tangible/intangible cultural heritage of Solo, Borobudur and Jogia in Indonesia. Research site: www.bodyasechoes.com

Prof. Chen's working experiences in the broadcast industry of New York and Taipei and in university education in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai allow him to conduct inter-disciplinary, crosscultural conversations with professionals and academics. Also, as a practitioner of Chinese calligraphy, he continually practices the Wei Bei script to connect with the ancient wisdom of Chinese intellectuals.

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  • PhD, Communication
    Communication University of China
  • MFA, Computer Arts
    Savannah College of Art and Design

Research Interests

  • Smart Heritage
  • Interactive Info-Motion Design
  • Phenomenology

Courses Taught

  • Communications Lab
  • Digital Heritage
  • Immersive Narratives of Chinese Monuments (Spring 2022)