Wu-Wei Chen

Wu-Wei Chen
Visiting Assistant Arts Professor

Prof. Wu-Wei Chen's areas of focus are in digital imaging, design and body aesthetics integrate into digital heritage research-digital conservation, aesthetics of cultural objects, digital sculpting, and photogrammetry of Buddhist deities in the heritage sites. The cyber-archiving of the deities at Dazu Rock Carvings further inspires his research direction of cultural heritage in the smart city initiatives: www.bodyasechoes.com.

Prof. Chen's working experiences in the broadcast industry of New York, Taipei and educator career at Hong Kong, Beijing allow him to conduct inter-disciplinary, cross-cultural conversations with professionals and academia. Also as a practitioner of Chinese calligraphy, he continually writes the regular script to connect with the ancient wisdom of Chinese intellectuals.

Research Interests

Smart Heritage and Smart City
Interactive Info-Motion Design

Select Publications

Digital Cultural Heritage, To be published by Springer in August, 2018.      
Luo, D; Chen, W.-W., Digital Buddhology, IIAS Issue 79, Spring 2018.
Body As Echoes: Cyber Archiving of Dazu Rock Carvings, ISPRS Archive, vol XLII-2/W5, 121-124 (2017).
Crafting for Spirituality : A Pedagogic Project for Digital Heritage, SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Workshop, Conference proceedings (2016).
Chen, W.-W.; Co-authors, 2009-2010 China Animation Industry Development Report, Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House, ISBN:9787535644947 (2011).
New Frontier of Digital Publishing in Creative Education, Thesis of the 1st International Conference on Publishing Industry and Publishing Education in the Digital Age (2007).




Ph.D , Communication University of China
M.F.A. Computer Arts, Savannah College of Art and Design