Lu Zhang

Lu Zhang (张璐)
Professor of Practice in Chemistry
Office Phone
+86 (21) 20595129

Lu Zhang is a Professor of Practice in Chemistry at NYU Shanghai. Prior to joining NYU Shanghai, she was a teaching assistant at New York University. She holds a PhD from New York University and an MS and BS from Jilin University. 

Zhang’s research interests are in DNA damage caused by chemical carcinogens that are byproducts of fossil combustion that include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The focus of Zhang’s research is on the mechanisms of recognition and processing of DNA lesions by the human nucleotide excision repair system that removes damaged DNA and thus protects the human genome from DNA-damaging exogenous and endogenous reactive chemicals. 

Zhang was the recipient of the NYU Henry M. MacCracken Graduate Fellowship.



  • PhD, Molecular Biochemistry
    New York University
  • MS, Polymer Chemistry and Physics
    Jilin University

Research Interests

  • Chemical carcinogen effects on DNA
  • Exogenous and endogenous reactive chemical's effect on DNA
  • Human nucleotide excision repair system

Courses Taught

  • Experiments in Food Science
  • FoS Chemistry Laboratory
  • Independent Study – Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry I
  • Organic Chemistry I Lab
  • Organic Chemistry II
  • Organic Chemistry II Lab