Entrepreneurial Problem-Solving

Course Description
Many problems in business and life are too big for one person to solve. Capacity to identify problems and to create solutions that others value is a skill possessed by leading entrepreneurs, who have built companies like Facebook, Apple, and Tom's Shoes, among others. Often, solving these problems would benefit society, while also being profitable, engaging, emotionally rewarding, and socially valued. Entrepreneurial Problem-Solving will develop your ability to identify such problems, to solve them, and to market the solutions to the world.
Some people say you cannot learn how to become an entrepreneur and that these skills are inborn in only a select few. This course aims to prove that everyone can learn how to find solutions to problems that may ultimately develop into successful businesses, which can create change in our world. The course will build upon exercises and projects connected to participants' lives. You will learn skills and perspectives that apply broadly—beyond just starting ventures—so that you can apply what you learn in many areas of your life. This course is social and interactive in nature.