Securing the Future with AI

Jul 17 2017
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Written by NYU Shanghai

With global ransomware attacks on the rise, computer security has once again become a recent center of controversy, as well as the theme of the 29th Future Forum Lecture organized by Future Forum, NYU Shanghai and KPMG China, held on campus on July 8th.
Hundreds of science enthusiasts gathered at the Pudong campus for a lecture and panel discussion over the future of AI and Security, and whether the key to stronger, more reliable security exists within the “super brain” of rapidly developing AI technologies.

“The Future Forum adheres to a critical part of the University’s mission--facilitating dynamic interaction among academic researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and public and private sectors,” said Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman.

Keynote speaker and UC Berkeley Professor Dawn Song shared her rich experience in computer security and deep learning research over the past 20 years, ranging from network and data security to the intersection of machine learning and security.

“The further advancement of AI should be established on the premise of security,” said Song, who mentioned the wildfire spread of malware accrues billions of dollars in annual damages worldwide and continues to grow in an increasingly interconnected global landscape. “As an emerging field, interdisciplinary and community efforts should be combined for future development,” she added.

Joining Song in a panel discussion were Professor Li Kai from Princeton University, Chen Haibo from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Zhang Zheng from NYU Shanghai and CEO & Founder of Liulishuo Wang Yi, talking about the inevitable trend of combining AI and computer security and whether China could become one of the world’s leading countries in AI.

“One of the biggest challenges for China to develop AI is in attracting more private investors to support long-term scientific research,” said Professor Zhang Zheng. “With scientific research undergoing constant reform, more investors will be attracted by new technology-based companies.”