NYU Shanghai and NYU Stern To Launch New Master’s Degrees in Management and Marketing

stern new program announce cover
Jul 8 2021

NYU Shanghai and NYU Stern School of Business today announced the inauguration of two one-year Master of Science programs in Organization Management & Strategy and Marketing & Retail Science, giving students the opportunity to build cutting-edge skills and connections in both New York and Shanghai, the gateway to Asia’s largest consumer market.

Slated to enroll their first classes in June 2022, both programs offer 12 months of full-time study over four semesters, starting with summer coursework at NYU Stern in New York City, followed by fall, winter, and spring semesters at NYU Shanghai.  Students will study with world-renowned faculty from NYU Stern’s top-ranked Marketing and Management and Organizations departments and access the globe-spanning academic and industry experience of NYU Shanghai’s over 30 distinguished scholars in business. Graduates of the MS in Organization Management & Strategy and MS in Marketing & Retail Science will also join a network of more than 600,000 NYU alumni worldwide, including more than 18,000 alumni in Asia.

“These new programs align with NYU Shanghai’s mission to create educational opportunities that encourage international engagement and global perspectives. They also build on a collaboration with NYU Stern that has only grown stronger and deeper,” said NYU Shanghai Chancellor Tong Shijun. “Just as with our existing programs, we expect the MS in Organization Management and the MS in Marketing & Retail Science to both attract and train future business leaders in China.”  

The two new joint MS programs build upon the successful partnership between NYU Stern and NYU Shanghai established in 2018 with the MS in Data Analytics & Business Computing and MS in Quantitative Finance programs. Both programs graduated their first class of students in May 2020, and alumni have gone on to careers with top firms including Apple, Bank of China, Deloitte, Discover, EY, Orient Futures, Panda Capital, Ping An, and PwC. 

“After demonstrated success with the MS in Data Analytics & Business Computing and MS in Quantitative Finance programs, we are thrilled to continue our partnership with NYU Shanghai to prepare the next generation of young minds to excel in additional high-growth markets in Asia,” said Raghu Sundaram, Dean of NYU Stern. “With industry-leading scholars at the helm, these programs are designed to prepare students to anticipate, harness and lead change -- the essential skills that employers are demanding from the next generation of talent that will join their firms.”  

In addition to coursework, the MS in Organization Management & Strategy and MS in Marketing & Retail Science programs will also feature company visits in New York and Shanghai, industry panels and speakers, professional development workshops, and one-on-one career coaching. Each program is supported by an affiliated advisory board of senior industry leaders from companies operating across China and Asia, such as Bain, Disney, Estée Lauder, FedEx, Microsoft, Unilever, and Visa. Both programs will culminate in a capstone project solving a real case situation presented by a corporate client, including projects sourced from advisory board members. 

“With innovative courses that will ground students in foundational knowledge and skills while also illuminating newer trends, these programs will offer rigorous academic experiences,” said NYU Shanghai Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman. “Students will receive a rich education that will equip them to contend with the forces driving the rapid transformations that define global business today.” 

The MS in Organization Management & Strategy -- co-directed by George Daly Professor of Business Leadership Joseph Porac and Associate Professor of Management and Organizations Christina Fang -- hones students’ ability to lead in an increasingly dynamic and interconnected global business world with a focus on design thinking, negotiation skills, innovation, and strategy. Students will also benefit from cutting-edge research fostered by the recently established Center for the Future of Management, whose mission is to analyze major shifts in the global business landscape and identify the challenges and opportunities they present for business leaders, strategists and managers. The skills students develop in the MS in Organization Management & Strategy program will prepare them for success at organizations ranging from large private and government-owned business groups, to consulting firms, family-owned enterprises, and start-ups. 

The MS in Marketing & Retail Science, under the direction of William H. Joyce Professor of Marketing Russell Winer, features coursework in marketing analytics, new retail technology, and data-driven decision-making to prepare students to address the forces of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence disrupting marketing today. Graduates of the program will be equipped to pursue careers in both traditional marketing positions in global and Chinese companies, as well as in e-commerce and other emerging fields in the digital economy.  

Students and professionals interested in applying to either MS program are encouraged to attend upcoming info-sessions ahead of the Round 1 deadline on October 31. For more information on each program and its respective admissions process, visit the NYU Stern-NYU Shanghai partnership website.