Professor Jonathan Haidt

Professor, Business and Society Program, Stern

Synopsis of Research in Shanghai (January 25 - February 23):

Professor Haidt is currently working on his latest book, “The Moral Psychology of Capitalism”. He is re-orienting his research to study the moral foundations of business and capitalism. America is a mature capitalist democracy that has been stuck in a bitter partisan debate over many economic questions for decades. We need fresh ideas, and a fresh perspective on capitalism. During Professor Haidt’s sabbatical, he will take a 3 month research trip across Asia, beginning in NYU Abu Dhabi, and visiting Singapore, China, Korea, and Japan. In Shanghai, Professor Haidt will interview business leaders, academics, government officials, small business owners, factory workers, and other citizens. He will try to reconstruct the multiple “moral matrices” — or networks of moral meanings — that exist in each country, with regard to capitalism and business. 

Last Name
Professor, Business and Society Program, Stern
Fellows Type
GRI Fellowship
GRI Fellows semester
Spring 2015