Li Chen

M.B.A. Candidate, Department of Economics, Stern

Synopsis of Research in Shanghai (March 29 - May 26):

With a new wave of market-reform, China is opening up its media and entertainment market in recent years. Most notably, the Walt Disney Company entered the mainland China market with Shanghai Disneyland, a joint-venture between Disney and Shanghai government-owned enterprises. At virtually the same time, DreamWorks entered China with its joint-ventures with China Media Capital, a venture capital fund with significant state-backing and large SOE investments. New tourist-focused ventures would take additional demand for transportation systems in Shanghai. Chen’s research seeks to explore how these new tourist-focused ventures will impact the transportation and related industries’ SOE reform.

Last Name
M.B.A. Candidate, Department of Economics, Stern
Fellows Type
GRI Fellowship
GRI Fellows semester
Spring 2017