Juan Sanchez Herrera

PhD Candidate, Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, Steinhardt

Synopsis of Research in Shanghai (Sept 4 - Nov 29):

Sanchez Herrera’s research project examines how ingredient combinations and recipes develop over time. His methodological approximation draws upon network analysis, digital humanities, and economic history. Sanchez Herrera’s research relies on a new dataset consisting of approximately 6000 recipes spanning 40 years. case study of his dissertation is Colombia, South America. Although this is his particular focus, Sanchez Herrera is broadly interested in how food recipes change as countries develop, particularly as they embrace globalization. China, similarly to Colombia, has seen rapid developments over the last 40 years. Sanchez Herrera is particularly interested in seeing how food consumption and food recipes have changed in China to be able to draw comparisons. Sanchez Herrera is currently writing and analyzing her data (which is stored in the cloud), and therefore can work anywhere. At NYU Shanghai, he is particularly interested in collaborating with professor Dr. Heather Lee, whom he has contacted previously, as she studies Chinese food in New York City from a historical point of view. Furthermore, Sanchez Herrera anticipates collaborating with professor Dr. Anna Greenspan who studies food consumption and its rapid changes in Shanghai.

Last Name
PhD Candidate, Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, Steinhardt
Fellows Type
GRI Fellowship
GRI Fellows semester
Fall 2018