Jingyuan Mo

PhD Candidate, Department of Finance, Stern

Synopsis of Research in Shanghai (September 14 - December 11):

Mo is currently involved in two research projects with his advisor. The first one is on the Chinese bond market, in which they plan to obtain data from the China Foreign Exchange Trade System, located in the Pudong district in Shanghai. The second project is on Chinese business firm groups: the two plan to collaborate with the research team of a data provider company in Pudong, located very close to NYU Shanghai campus. Mo and his advisor hope that their research results on Chinese markets can promote better understanding and inform the development of important policy implications for the bond market in China, as well as its firm structure evolution and connectedness. Due to the scarcity of research papers on these topics of Chinese market, Mo believes that their pioneering work will form a solid foundation for future research on related topics. 

Last Name
PhD Candidate, Department of Finance, Stern
Fellows Type
GRI Fellowship
GRI Fellows semester
Fall 2020