Danielle Lessowitz

Master of Fine Arts Candidate, Department of Film, Tisch

Synopsis of Research in Shanghai (February 16 - March 27):

Lessowitz will be researching first person accounts of the Great Chinese Famine which occurred in the Chinese provinces from 1959 - 1953. Over 40 million Chinese Farmers died of starvation and during this time, China was exporting much of its grain, and there was no food shortage. Lessowitz hopes to assemble hundreds of audio and visual stories from survivors to create a data base of testimony. She will use this testimony to give voice to those who suffered, and bring light to this under documented genocide. In addition to the video records, Lessowitz hopes to use this research to inform a narrative feature script she has already written and would like to revise for historical and cultural accuracy. Lessowitz believes in the importance of exploring this historical event and discovering it fully before all of its witnesses are no more.

Last Name
Master of Fine Arts Candidate, Department of Film, Tisch
Fellows Type
GRI Fellowship
GRI Fellows semester
Spring 2015