A Weekend with the Candidates

Mar 31 2017

A select group of 500 high school students from 30 provinces across China took part in a weekend of sample lectures, writing exercises, group activities and personal interviews at NYU Shanghai this month.

Candidate Weekend is part of NYU Shanghai’s pioneering admissions procedure, which starts before students sit the national college entrance exam (Gaokao). Selection is based on overall high school scores and awards.

“We want to meet students who are not only strong academically, but also curious and who have a spirit of innovation,” said Zhou Hong, Assistant Dean of Chinese Admissions.

Competition for places is high. “We received close to 2,000 applications for 176 places,” says Zhou Hong. “We then invited around 500 students to Candidate Weekend to assess them personally.”

While admission to Chinese universities usually hinges on the exam scores, NYU Shanghai candidates are granted a chance to make a lasting impression over the span of 24 hours, and have the opportunity to experience NYU Shanghai classes and ask questions during one-on-one interviews.



So how does the University choose who makes the final cut?

“We expect high academic achievement as much as we expect that our students like to try new things and can work well in a multicultural environment,” says Zhou Hong. “For every activity, the students’ performance and character is assessed by staff and faculty observers. We then weigh that up with high school academics.”

NYU Shanghai’s student body is made up of 50 percent Chinese students and 50 percent international students. This year, the number of places available for Chinese students is up from 150 to 176, after the university increased its total annual undergraduate intake from 300 to 350 for the first time.

Regular decision admissions to both Chinese and international applicants will be released by March 31.

All prospective students must apply to NYU Shanghai through the Common Application. For international students, applications are assessed by admissions officers in their region before offers are sent out. All accepted international students are then invited to visit NYU Shanghai before committing to a final decision.


Find out more about how to apply to NYU Shanghai here.