Students from 96 Countries Admitted to Class of 2024

Apr 3 2020

At 12 AM on March 31 China Standard Time, 859 students around the world learned that they had gained admission to NYU Shanghai’s Class of 2024. Together with students admitted during Early Decision rounds, NYU Shanghai sent good news to a total of 1,553 US and international students selected from a pool of over 13,000 applicants.

 Students who received admission offers hail from 44 US states and 96 countries, making the admitted Class of 2024 one of NYU Shanghai’s most geographically diverse classes yet. The 41 percent of admitted students who live outside of the United States includes substantial numbers of students from countries such as Kazakhstan, Canada, Morocco, South Korea, and Ghana.  23 percent of all admitted students will be first-generation college students, a record high for the university.

“The Class of 2024 will be a special one in many ways. They have completed the admissions process during an unprecedented global health emergency. They will begin their studies here in Shanghai at a time when the world is still regaining its footing. And their student years will be marked by an expanded recognition of how much the world needs cosmopolitan minds, able to forge coalitions to address the challenges we all face as a species,” said Vice Chancellor Jeff Lehman.  “We can’t wait to welcome them in person.”

 Final admission rates for Chinese students will not be known until applicants find out the results of the Gaokao – China’s national college entrance examinations – in late summer. Chinese applicants undergo a separate admissions process and will ultimately represent 50 percent of the student body.

 “This year's admitted class has again affirmed our commitment to providing a global education unrivaled anywhere in the world,” said Director of Admissions Annie Lu. “The students have shown not only academic excellence, but also extraordinary understanding of and engagement with pressing issues facing our world today. We could not be more proud of this class of students.”

In total, NYU’s three portal campuses – New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai – received some 85,000 applications to the Class of 2024. Approximately 6,700 students are expected to enroll in the freshman class across all campuses in Fall 2020.